May 2, 2016

May 2016 Challenges

This month I've decided to join in several challenges.  I'm going to use my new inserts for my Sunshine Dori and hopefully having everything in the same place, easy to get to, will keep me on track.

The first is the Listers Gotta List challenge by The Reset Girl.  I've mentioned this one before and even started one month but did not finish.  If you go to their page, you can print out the prompts for May along with the challenge instructions.

Day 1 - off to a great start so far!

I used that cute little girl image from Free Pretty Things for You.  Keren from FPTFY has so many cute images on her site.

Next is the Quoted challenge from Analog Stationers.  This is an Instagram-based challenge.  Each day you use the prompts to find a quote you like.  You can hand write it or create a graphic with the quote and share it on IG using the hashtag #QuotedMay2016.  Each month you just change your hashtag so you can be found.

Here are the May prompts and my first contribution.

And finally there is a scripture writing plan shared by Sweet Blessings.  Each day you copy the Bible verse given.  Each one should take less than 10 minutes to write.  This weekend, I broke out for the very first time my watercolor gel pencils I found at Target.  You color with the pencils and then go back over it with a small brush that is included.  I added the plan printable to my painted page.

You can follow my progress on IG this month.  If you see me slacking, give me a shout out to prod me along.  Feel free to share any challenges you are participating in this month in the comments.  I always love hearing about new ones.