February 7, 2017

Shop Review: JLynn Paper Co.

Have you ever been scrolling through your Instagram minding your own business when the next thing you know, you've spent money?

Don't even try it.

I know it's happened.

This happened to me just last week.  There I was hearting pic after pic when I stumbled across a picture of this super cute kit.

Look at it!  Puppy dog valentines.  How cute!  And it was $2 Tuesday so any resistance I would have tried to put up would have been totally futile.  Take my money.

I had never purchased from JLynnPaperCo before but I am so impressed with this shop.  I purchased on Tuesday and received my order the following Monday.

The kits come in matte or glossy.  I think next time I will splurge for a glossy just to compare them.  

Here's my Puppy Love kit.

I also ordered her Walking Dead character stickers.  This has every lovable character on it, even a couple that we sadly won't see any more.  I'll be saving those Glenn and Abraham stickers for something special.  I plan on using these to mark the air dates of the show.

JLynnPaperCo also sends out a free sampler with your order.  This one is a Cinderella theme.  It's adorable.

Cute, huh?

You can find JLynnPaperCo on Etsy here.

And her Instagram is @JLynnPaperCo.  New purchases receive a discount code on future orders too!

And if you haven't already signed up for money back discounts through Ebates, do that before placing any order on Etsy.  You can receive money back on your purchases.  Here is my link if you decide to join.

Uh oh...it's $2 Tuesday again!  Catch ya later!

January 25, 2017

So now they are all called Kate Middleton.

When I started planning, I made it up in my mind that each planner would have a different name.

Do you know how many planners I've been through in the past two years?  I can't keep up with all of those names!

I realized that I just called whatever planner I was using at the time the same name as the previous one - Kate Middleton.

So now all my planners are named Kate Middleton.

It's so much fun (for me only probably) to have conversations like these:

"Hello!  Would you like to go see a movie with me on Saturday?"

"Oh, that's sounds fun but let me check with Kate Middleton."

Or on the days (most days) when I am running late and can't find my planner I yell out, "Has anyone seen Kate Middleton?"

So now that it makes perfect sense why my planner has the same name as the future Queen Consort of England...meet the latest Kate Middleton.

This version of Kate is an A5 Webster's Pages Color Crush planner that can only be found at Joann's.  I had been stalking my local Joanns for months trying to find this pretty lady.  On the day I got my Christmas bonus, I called the store and asked if they had ever gotten any in.  The response was yes, they were in stock.  I couldn't believe it.  I drove there immediately and grabbed one up.  It was a present to myself but I wrapped it up and put it under the tree.  Thanks Santa!

Haven't finished decorating the inside pockets yet.  So far the chair clip is from Two Lil Bees and the notepad that you can just barely see is from The Planner Society.  The dashboard is one I picked up a long time ago from a shop on Etsy called SouthernMessDesign.

Inside I am using printed inserts from KraftyKoalaPaper on Etsy.  I love the layout of the horizontal so much better than any vertical I've ever tried.  I just can't do vertical.  I like these inserts but the paper isn't as top notch as my order from SewMuchCrafting.  It's good paper but not quite as thick as the others but it's still pretty danged good.

I decorated this layout with stickers, washi and embellishments from The Planner Society kits.  I also have a mix of different shops here and there.

So that's what I'm rocking lately.  Remember, you can always see my latest layouts and whatnot on my Instagram and this blog has it's very own Facebook page you can like and follow.

Getting back in the swing of things

It is my sincerest hope to get back to posting here on this blog.  I have been lax because I've taken the easy route and just posted on my Instagram lately.  My love of writing seems to come and go and while it's here, let's take advantage of it!

September 27, 2016

Shop Review: Once More With Love

The Bean was picked to be on her school's Science Olympiad team!  Yay Nerd Child!

She recently started planning with me although she goes in spurts with it.  She asked me to find some stickers that she could use to keep track of the team's practices.

Off down the deep dark rabbit hole that is Etsy I went.

I stumbled upon these little mad scientists from Once More With Love.  Look at them.

I've been following Margaret and OMWL on Instagram and Facebook for awhile.  Her hand drawn characters are called Munchkins and a lot of other planners had raved about her stickers.  I can see why now.  They are super cute and you kinda want to collect them all.

We also picked out these cute octopus Chore stickers.  There have been some behavioral problems and grade issues lately so the Bean and I need to get on track and these will help her to remember what she is responsible for every week.

Habit trackers to get me on track too.

And talk about a dirty habit...laundry.  It never ends.  At least these make me smile.

And to reward myself for keeping up with laundry and habits...Etsy order stickers!!!

Once all the chores are done, we have Family Time stickers to remember that's all that really matters anyways, right?

You can customize these Munchkins for the number of Munchkins you have in your own family.

Everything came in an adorable envelope and wrapped in paper with even more cute doodles and my name written all fancy pants!

I'm going to do something with these doodles, just not sure what yet.

And to top it all off, this cute sampler was included.

I will definitely order again from Once More With Love.  I can't wait to get these down in my planner.

You can follow Margaret on Instagram for shop news and join her exclusive Facebook group for discount codes and sales notices.

July 25, 2016

Play Pretties Review: A Melancholy Moose

I don't think it is any secret that I am a Harry Potter fan.  If it was, it ain't now!

I listened to all the books on audio and fell in love with the characters just like everyone else.  My favorite character in the story is Luna Lovegood.  I just love Luna!

Recently, I read someone 's post on Facebook about an Etsy shop that sells Harry Potter sticker kits. I've seen some kits in the past but always hated the colors.   The pictures that were posted were enough to get me to click over to the shop site and I am soooo glad I did!

A Melancholy Moose is a sticker shop that specializes in hand drawn, whimsical drawings on her stickers.  The artwork is amazing and so very cute!

Look at this!

So cute!  It's all hand drawn!

She has several different Harry Potter-inspired kits as well as other fun kits and functional stickers.  The paper she uses is a matte, non-removable finish.  My crappy iPhone camera would never be able to do the colors of her stickers justice but you'll just have to take my word for it.

As soon as I saw her Luna Lovegood-inspired kit, I knew it had to be mine!  Just look at these illustrations!

The colors are so pretty!

I also ordered these really cute and slightly snarky cat stickers for those days when things on your to-do list just won't get done.

When I placed my order, she was offering a free Limited Edition Harry Potter Birthday sampler since July is Harry's birth month.  You knew that right???

Look at Hagrid!

The shipping was fast and the package was decorated with other cute little stickers.  I'd recommend this shop to any Harry Potter planner fan out there!

Check out A Melancholy Moose's Instagram for a discount code too!

***I added this link to the All Things Planner link up hosted at Planner Squad!***

All Things Planners Link-Up Party

July 22, 2016

Meet Pippa, a Plum Paper Planner

I have stalled on the blogging simply because I got soooo danged frustrated over the pictures I am able to take.  I don't have a fancy camera so I am stuck depending on my iPhone camera which no matter what their commercials tell you, the pictures are crap.  I want to show you all the beautiful colors of my layouts and stickers and it just isn't working for me.  All I can do is say sorry they are crap and keep trying though.  I hope you'll hang in here with me.

Now onto the planner.  I have a new one.

I'd like to introduce Pippa, my new Plum Paper planner.  Anyone that's known me for any length of time will probably be able to figure out where that name came from but if not, I am a fan of the British Royal Family and I named my Pippa after Duchess Kate's sister, Pippa Middleton.  I already have one planner named Kate Middleton so I might as well have one named after her sister, right?

I have gone through several planner set ups and never could find one I really fell in love with.  Pippa is probably the closest thing to "love" or planner peace I have found.

If you've never heard of Plum Paper before, I urge you to run (after you finish reading my post, of course) to their website and check out all of their beautiful designs.  You can change the colors of the covers, add names or monograms, or even add a picture.  I love whales so when I saw this cover, I knew I wanted it.  I did change the colors slightly on mine though.  I asked them to use one of my favorite color combinations - aqua blue and red.  It's not a bright, bright red or even a "Georgia" red, but it will do.

Aren't those little whales cute?  The covers are water proof and tear resistant and the pattern is on the front and the back of the planner.

Pippa starts in July and runs through June 2017.  You can choose to build your planner with a date range of 12 - 18 months and have it start in any month you'd like.  That's an awesome feature for those just getting into planning and you don't want to waste half a planner, or students/teachers needing a planner that starts in the middle of a year.

Each month has its own color divider and the tabs are laminated and heavier paper is used.

Each month has a goals and notes page at the beginning.  I've only decorated this section a little bit, nothing jaw dropping for sure.

Then there is a monthly view.  This is my very first time ever decorating a monthly view.  I used pieces from my latest Planner Society kit on both the goals/notes section and the monthly view.

You can choose a vertical or horizontal layout when you build your planner.  I am not a fan of vertical.  I feel that there is not enough room for my handwriting so I opted for a horizontal setup that gives you a notes page on the left side and the weekly view on the right.  You can also get a horizontal week on two pages, if you'd prefer.  I really LOVE having the notes page to go along with the week view.  Here is an example of how I decorated a notes page.

Again, fan of the Royal Family and no surprise who I think we should all vote for this election year.  This was also the week of the shooting of the two black men and the Dallas police officer shootings so when I saw this quote from Dr. King posted on Facebook, I printed it off and glued it in.  I wanted to remember what was going on and I plan to do more of that from now on.

Here is the layout I used last week.

First picture is the left side notes section and the second picture is the actual week layout on the right side in the planner.

I used stickers from CandLCrafts1 on Etsy and washi from my Planner Society kit.

I really recommend Plum Paper for those looking to have a more customized planner.  They also have sections like budgeting, fitness, home management, to name a few, that you can add in the planner for a small fee.  The only section I added for mine was a larger notes section at the back.  So far I have used it to keep track of Etsy shop business cards or discount codes I can use on future orders.

Very happy with the Plum Paper planner so far.  The only downside I've run into is there are not a lot of Etsy shops that sell weekly sticker kits for it.  Etsy is dominated with Erin Condren sticker shops but hopefully there will be more and more shops that offer a PPP or Plum Paper Planner version of their kits.

So now you've met Pippa!

May 2, 2016

May 2016 Challenges

This month I've decided to join in several challenges.  I'm going to use my new inserts for my Sunshine Dori and hopefully having everything in the same place, easy to get to, will keep me on track.

The first is the Listers Gotta List challenge by The Reset Girl.  I've mentioned this one before and even started one month but did not finish.  If you go to their page, you can print out the prompts for May along with the challenge instructions.

Day 1 - off to a great start so far!

I used that cute little girl image from Free Pretty Things for You.  Keren from FPTFY has so many cute images on her site.

Next is the Quoted challenge from Analog Stationers.  This is an Instagram-based challenge.  Each day you use the prompts to find a quote you like.  You can hand write it or create a graphic with the quote and share it on IG using the hashtag #QuotedMay2016.  Each month you just change your hashtag so you can be found.

Here are the May prompts and my first contribution.

And finally there is a scripture writing plan shared by Sweet Blessings.  Each day you copy the Bible verse given.  Each one should take less than 10 minutes to write.  This weekend, I broke out for the very first time my watercolor gel pencils I found at Target.  You color with the pencils and then go back over it with a small brush that is included.  I added the plan printable to my painted page.

You can follow my progress on IG this month.  If you see me slacking, give me a shout out to prod me along.  Feel free to share any challenges you are participating in this month in the comments.  I always love hearing about new ones.