September 27, 2016

Shop Review: Once More With Love

The Bean was picked to be on her school's Science Olympiad team!  Yay Nerd Child!

She recently started planning with me although she goes in spurts with it.  She asked me to find some stickers that she could use to keep track of the team's practices.

Off down the deep dark rabbit hole that is Etsy I went.

I stumbled upon these little mad scientists from Once More With Love.  Look at them.

I've been following Margaret and OMWL on Instagram and Facebook for awhile.  Her hand drawn characters are called Munchkins and a lot of other planners had raved about her stickers.  I can see why now.  They are super cute and you kinda want to collect them all.

We also picked out these cute octopus Chore stickers.  There have been some behavioral problems and grade issues lately so the Bean and I need to get on track and these will help her to remember what she is responsible for every week.

Habit trackers to get me on track too.

And talk about a dirty habit...laundry.  It never ends.  At least these make me smile.

And to reward myself for keeping up with laundry and habits...Etsy order stickers!!!

Once all the chores are done, we have Family Time stickers to remember that's all that really matters anyways, right?

You can customize these Munchkins for the number of Munchkins you have in your own family.

Everything came in an adorable envelope and wrapped in paper with even more cute doodles and my name written all fancy pants!

I'm going to do something with these doodles, just not sure what yet.

And to top it all off, this cute sampler was included.

I will definitely order again from Once More With Love.  I can't wait to get these down in my planner.

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