January 25, 2017

So now they are all called Kate Middleton.

When I started planning, I made it up in my mind that each planner would have a different name.

Do you know how many planners I've been through in the past two years?  I can't keep up with all of those names!

I realized that I just called whatever planner I was using at the time the same name as the previous one - Kate Middleton.

So now all my planners are named Kate Middleton.

It's so much fun (for me only probably) to have conversations like these:

"Hello!  Would you like to go see a movie with me on Saturday?"

"Oh, that's sounds fun but let me check with Kate Middleton."

Or on the days (most days) when I am running late and can't find my planner I yell out, "Has anyone seen Kate Middleton?"

So now that it makes perfect sense why my planner has the same name as the future Queen Consort of England...meet the latest Kate Middleton.

This version of Kate is an A5 Webster's Pages Color Crush planner that can only be found at Joann's.  I had been stalking my local Joanns for months trying to find this pretty lady.  On the day I got my Christmas bonus, I called the store and asked if they had ever gotten any in.  The response was yes, they were in stock.  I couldn't believe it.  I drove there immediately and grabbed one up.  It was a present to myself but I wrapped it up and put it under the tree.  Thanks Santa!

Haven't finished decorating the inside pockets yet.  So far the chair clip is from Two Lil Bees and the notepad that you can just barely see is from The Planner Society.  The dashboard is one I picked up a long time ago from a shop on Etsy called SouthernMessDesign.

Inside I am using printed inserts from KraftyKoalaPaper on Etsy.  I love the layout of the horizontal so much better than any vertical I've ever tried.  I just can't do vertical.  I like these inserts but the paper isn't as top notch as my order from SewMuchCrafting.  It's good paper but not quite as thick as the others but it's still pretty danged good.

I decorated this layout with stickers, washi and embellishments from The Planner Society kits.  I also have a mix of different shops here and there.

So that's what I'm rocking lately.  Remember, you can always see my latest layouts and whatnot on my Instagram and this blog has it's very own Facebook page you can like and follow.

Getting back in the swing of things

It is my sincerest hope to get back to posting here on this blog.  I have been lax because I've taken the easy route and just posted on my Instagram lately.  My love of writing seems to come and go and while it's here, let's take advantage of it!