April 8, 2016

My Weekly View - April 4, 2016

I have experimented with several planners for work and never could settle on one I loved until a week ago.  This is a 2016 Paper Source planner and I love it! I'm starting to love it so much that I don't really look at my personal planner much anymore.  Right now, Paper Source has these planners marked down 75%!  Go!  Run! Get one!

I can't figure out exactly what it is about this planner that makes me feel planner peace.  I honestly think it is the lines.  Having actual lines to write work tasks on and then go in and mark through them once the task is completed is a gratifying feeling.

Okay, so maybe I don't get out much but it is a great feeling!

I always name my planners.  If you share so much of your life with something, it should have a name, right?  My Paper Source planner is named Pippa.  Some of you could probably guess where that came from.

I used the March kit from The Planner Society to decorate both my work and my personal planners.  If you are a paper crafting lover, I highly recommend The Planner Society kits.  I have never been disappointed with anything in them and every month is beautiful.

Here is the view in my personal planner.

I use inserts from Sew Much Crafting on Etsy and put them in my Kikki-K.

Again,I love this is.  Pink and yellow are so cheery together.   Reminds me of pink lemonade.  And I love all the cute kitschy stickers like the mixer.

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